Paragons of Greyhawk

Session 4 - Oct 26, 2015
From the hand of Joe

Hallway continues and turns to left. 30 feet before turn we see cracks and hole. Pool of water one foot down. Reach a 45×45 ft room #4. Arm in the pool. Borin throws a stone and large gargoyle starts dragging out. other gargoyles on side begin moving. We hightail it out of there, and pursuit stops.

Head to first door in western passage. Push door. Room #5. look like 4 rotting bodies. Goop soaked into stone. No bugs. See hair, Skulls are dog-like in human bodies. 2 are 4 feet away, other two corners.

Poles hanging from hooks where tapestries may have hung. We back out and shut the door, and a hand claws through hole. Snow fires arrow at hand. Thea cast burning hands through hole to scorch the bodies.

Room #6 – pieces of this strewn about room (

At bend to the right of the long hallway, the temperature increases. We see orange light of fire/lava emanating

Room #7 – Appears like Room 4, but has magma. Altar in middle of the room. Lava is cooling. Language on altar appears to be almost demonic. Some weird language we’ve never seen. A smoldering Bugbear emerges from the room and attacks us, but we manage to kill it.


Session 3 - Oct 12, 2015
From the hand of Joe

The party moved to next room, Borin and Thierry laid shoulders into the door or Room #2, and it is predominantly empty. two skeletal bodies were in the room. Borin cast Light on her. Thea picked up a hand, and it crumbled.

Thierry and Borin investigate the end of the hallway, noting a 3 ft hole partway down the passageway. Thea and Snow ventured down the hallway, and noted a water sound that got louder as we approached the turn. Thierry realizes as he approaches the hole that the water sound is coming from the hole.

He sees that the hole looks like it was dug from underneath. Hole goes down 6-7 feet. Water appears to be light, then a periodic burst. Thierry’s Light flickers and dies. Thea’s flickers.

Borin walks to Thierry, and can see past him down the hallway, and on the other side of the hole (40 feet), the hall T’s.

Thea notes unnatural holes the size of Thea’s head on the left side of the passage.

Bottom one is foot above floor, top is right in the corner of the wall/ceiling. Holes are roughly a foot in. Something dark coming from the holes… like dried blood.

Room #3 – Spherical room – looks like a library, but trashed. Thea and Thierry found globe. Thea picks up book and it’s written in “Amedi” (Amedi is spoken by the savage Suel of the Amedio Jungle. Speakers of Suloise can understand only 40% of it. It is incomprehensible to speakers of Rasol, and this is mutual. It is rarely written, but when it is its speakers use the Suloise alphabet.)

Thea pours through books in the library, and the session ended.

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