Character Creation

If at all possible, we will make characters together during the first session. This allows players to create characters that mess well together and with the game world rather than the typical “You are at the tavern. Sitting around you are several adventurers. What do you do?” scenario.

Pretty much all character concepts will be allowed, given that the basic requirements detailed below are met. Some classes, archetypes, and races that exist within canon 5E will not be available, however.

  • The monstrous races cannot be chosen, therefore no Half-Orcs, Dragonborn, or Tieflings. Likewise, Drow Elves are also not acceptable as a character race.
  • The Monk is not an available character class. Monastic or Hermetic concepts that fit within the setting can be built using other classes, however.
  • The Battlemaster Fighter archetype is not available. This archetype is too complex and infringes too much on the ability for all persons to attempt all possible maneuvers during combat. Likewise, any ability in other classes or Feats that reference elements from the Battlemaster or Superiority dice are not available.
  • The Sorcerer’s Draconic Bloodline archetype is not available. Therefore, all Sorcerers will be Wild Magic archetypes

We will be using the Backgrounds feature within 5E. Players can choose any of the Backgrounds listed or, if none of the standard ones fit your concept, an existing Background can be modified or a new one created. Remember that the Background selected does not necessarily have to match what would be “typical” for your class.

All starting party members need to have meaningful, positive connections to at least several of the other party members. Examples could include:

  • Long-time friends
  • Members of the same Order or Guild
  • Family members
  • Master/apprentice (obviously in something other than their class, as all characters are 1st level)
  • Romantically connected

It is up to the players to create these relationships, hence a big reason why we’ll create characters all together. This will provide a base for how the party forms and the reasons why it stays together.

Ability Scores can be generated either by rolling 4D6 (drop the lowest die) or by selecting the standard array of 15,14,13,12,10, 8. In either case, the player assigns the numbers to each Ability as desired. Players must choose either or – once the dice are rolled for stats, the player must take those results.

As a general rule, multi-classing will not be allowed. Only in the case of a serious, permanent swing in the nature or personality of the character will this be allowed and only between 4th and 6th level. The previous classes abilities will revert to the point before they chose an archetype (or whatever the DM declares) and the character will progress slowly into their new class before taking on the full starting abilities of the new class. If you desire some features of other classes, spend your ability improvement points on Feats instead of trying to multi-class.

Ignore the starting equipment packs detailed for each character. Equip your character with what makes sense based upon their concept, role, social condition, etc. If you have any questions about an item to start with, please ask the DM. Obviously, someone from the Farmer background won’t start the game with plate armor, nor will anyone start with magic items or great personal wealth.

Character Creation

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